Membership Registration


Membership Fee - One Time.........................................................................……...….........................…..$300

Access Dues - Annually……….....…......................................................................……...........................…….$75

Access Dues - Annually w/t AWA Membership..………......……….....…....…................…NEW in 2018

Commercial/Non-member Fee - Daily……...………….…..................…......................……………..….…..$10


NEW UPDATES:                                                                          Updated: September 29, 2017

  • Membership registration is only available on the first of every month.  Do not register on any date other than on the 1st 
  • If you are already a club member/key-holder, no membership fee is required and existing members will be provided a promotional code (email us) to enter when registering online
  • If thoroughly reading this document in its physical printed form,  upon completion you can purchase access for 310 Candi Ln. by visiting our website below, scroll to the end or the page and select the Membership Registration button

  • When applying as a new member, provide a recommendations from at least two current club members for an exemption and only be charged the annual dues


Palmetto Outdoor embraces all of the recreational opportunities within The Three Rivers Region and over the past decade we have introduced individuals to the river who would not access it otherwise.  We also understand how critical it is for seasoned paddlers along with avid fishermen to have unrestricted access to the river. With that being said we are pleased to announce that we will continue to provide a parking solution for boaters and fishermen.  Even though there are some adjustments for the registration and purchasing process, we feel the new online registration form is flexible and more accommodating.  While the majority of our customers tube the Saluda River; their designated parking area will be downstream across from the West Columbia Riverwalk (Gervais Street/Meeting Street).  Our business model is designed so that our rental customers exit the river and can immediately locate their vehicle and conclude their adventure.  Therefore, no added strain will incur for club members who park at 310 Candi Lane and that’s how we want to keep it.

A potable restroom has been installed for club members and we are also looking into several possibilities to provide a convenient shuttle from the West Columbia Riverwalk to 310 Candi Lane.  By working together this seamless transition can allow boaters, fishermen and tubers years of continued access to The Three Rivers.  


New membership and annual access is available year round but registration will only be offered 12 times during the year on Palmetto Outdoor’s website.  On the first day of every month users can either renew or register for membership online.  Once you are on the website, purchase access privileges by clicking on “CONTACT US” and then selecting “MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION” from the menu or select "MEMBERSHIP" under our quick links section (right side block).  If you have previously purchased access to 310 Candi Lane, you will be prompted to enter a promotional code (provided through social media or email) which will void the one time membership fee.  After entering the promotional code, the total will automatically deduct the membership fee before you check-out.  Upon completing the transaction a four digit combination will be sent by email along with your payment confirmation.  Access Granted!


After-hours Permit - for club members intending to use 310 Candi Ln. beyond the designated curfew time (one hour after sunset)

Commercial Permit - In concert with a current club member, commercial permits are available to access 310 Candi Ln. for non-club members who are currently enrolled in a recreational class or clinic


  • Individual Membership Requirements
  1. Annual dues required for access and to maintain membership status
  2. Required before applying for any permits related to 310 Candi Lane
  3. References from two current club members
  4. Primary vehicle must display a current license plate/tag number
  • Multi-vehicle Requirements
  1. A current membership is required prior to adding any secondary vehicle
  2. Primary vehicle must register a current license plate/tag number
  3. Secondary vehicle must register a current license plate/tag number
  4. Only one vehicle at a time will be permitted to enter/park at 310 Candi Lane
  • After-hours Permit
  1. Permit required 24 hours in advance
  2. Permit required when utilizing 310 Candi Ln. for activities that extend past closing time (one hour after sunset)
  3. Non-members will incur a small fee, similar to the Commercial Permit
  4. Any vehicle parked overnight is required to be included on the permit
  5. Vehicles left overnight that are not permitted or registered are subject to towing
  • Commercial Permit
  1. Permit required 24 hours in advance
  2. Permit holder is required to be a current club member
  3. Permit holder is responsible for non-members activities and their associated vehicles


  1. You are under the jurisdiction of all State of South Carolina laws
  2. Access the river and its riverbanks at your own risk
  3. No loaning and/or providing others with the access privileges to 310 Candi Ln.
  4. Do not allow anyone else's vehicle to enter 310 Candi Ln.
  5. You are responsible for your and your guests’ actions
  6. Clean up you trash, pack it in… pack it out
  7. No public drunkenness or rude behavior will be tolerated
  8. Aggressive behavior or fighting of any kind will not be tolerated, CALL 9-1-1 
  9. No fires permitted 
  10. No camping allowed
  11. All animals must be leashed and tethered no more than a total distance of 10 feet from their handler
  12. Animals are not allowed to be left unattended, either inside or outside of your vehicle
  13. Be mindful of others when changing clothes
  14. Access privileges for 310 Candi Ln. are allowed one hour before sunrise and can be utilized until closing time (one hour after sunset)  
  15. Only one parked vehicle per registered club member is allowed to access 310 Candi Ln. at a time (one vehicle = one club member)
  16. If accessing 310 Candi Ln., you must be present and/or boating, fishing, or engaged in a related recreational activity
  17. Do not damage the property or surrounding structures. If you do it will result in the loss of privileges for 310 Candi Ln.
  18. Park appropriately and do not block the access gate, any parked vehicles or on the Candi Ln. frontage road
  19. River access can only be gained by utilizing the public crossway at the intersection of Candi Ln. and the railroad track, crossing the tracks illegally will result in all parking privileges being revoked
  20. Club members who own a second vehicle outfitted with roof racks or a truck bed must register their primary vehicle along with their secondary vehicle when renewing their membership
  21. Registered members are responsible for notifying Palmetto Outdoor (email: of any changes to a members license plat/tag numbers throughout the calendar year
  22. Only one registered vehicle per registered member is allowed access to 310 Candi Ln. at a time
  23. A club member must be approved for an Overnight Permit 24 hours in advance of utilizing 310 Candi Ln. after dark (one hour after sunset)
  24. If a vehicle is left throughout the night an Overnight Permit must be approved 24 hours in advance
  25. Classes and clinics using 310 Candi Ln. must be approved for a Commercial Permit before non-members can utilize the parking area
  26. Driving over any railroad crossties are not permitted
  27. Close and lock the access gate behind you upon exiting 310 Candi Ln., no dummy locking allowed
  28. Your access privileges can be revoked for breaking any of the above stated rules and regulations

Your access privileges can be revoked or disciplinary actions invoked if new rules and regulations have to be introduced due to misconduct